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So of coarse, we had to start off at home, where it all began with a peak into who we are as a venue lighting creative design company and how we roll.

So a lot of what we produce is made in house. This means our clients are getting something completely unique. We thought we would give you a snippet of a couple of our favourite creations.

So first up, our bespoke "Til death Do us Party" sign. (pic above)

"When we were designing and building the sign, we were trying to encapture a whole wedding day with one phrase".

Of coarse, a wedding day is about a lot of things! The marriage ceremony, exchanging vows, the comical speeches about stories we wished our parents wouldn't ever end up hearing, that first dance every groom quivers at the thought of doing in front of his mates and our friends and family sharing the first steps in our journey together as a married couple.

But! It's also about the future. those days and years to come.

A whole life of happiness to look forward to as a married couple and marriage should be a party everyday! We should enjoy life with the person we love and share those magical moments with big smiles and of coarse, a lot of dancing. FOREVER AND AT ANY OPPORTUNITY!!!!

So it made sense to create something which, kind of said " we will always have fun together".

It had to be big as well! A bold 5 foot in height actually and full of funky neon flair, vintage fairground lettering and a colour changing theatre style light box.

We were so happy with the way it turned out.....

Shout out to Gareth Gabriel by the way, for these awesome photos.

Gareth is a Photographer and filmmaker based in Sheringham, North Norfolk, working with families, businesses and wedding couples to tell compelling stories with photos and video.

Another set of creations are our line of hanging light ladders. We are sooooo in love with the raw, rustic feel of the Norfolk barn scene. We are all so spoilt when it comes to amazing and awe inspiring wedding venues in Norfolk (which we will bringing to you very soon in detail) and so when we came across some old reclaimed painters ladders we felt they needed a touch up, a make over, a bit of Quirk magic!!!

Turned out pretty awesome if I don't mind saying! We decided on something truly striking for one and minimal/chic for the other! We went with some crazy oversized (and overpriced) XXL edisons, some nearly 45cm in size! all different shapes and sizes! for the first ladder. using vintage worn bulb holders and beige rustic rope style cabling.

So there you go, a little bit into the world of Quirk! We are always looking at new and exciting designs to create. So much in the pipeline for 2020. but we will keep you up to date with that as time goes by. Right now we want to focus on the quirky venues and other great suppliers in the region. So many fantastic people we've had the pleasure of working with, that you "TO BE's" maybe don't know about. So we will keep bringing content which helps you out. interviews and photoshoots to get you more acquainted with your potential venue and suppliers. If you would like to have your wedding featured with us, get in touch or if your a supplier with a niche style or edgy concept, then again throw us a line and lets see if we cant have a coffee and convo!



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